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Guestbook: Isle Dream Cottage 

"Our Weekend was perfect in every way -- wonderful cottage in an idyllic setting, gorgeous sunshine and gentle breezes -- all accompanied by sounds of lapping waves and songbirds.  WOW!"

Four full days on Orcas Island in Isle Dream Cottage.  Our days have been punctuated by getting up @ dawn to see the light display as the sun rises over the Sound; having coffee on the deck to flowers and bird sounds.  Then watching the sunsets on the deck having dinner and wine.    This is a special space appreciated by the weary traveller from the big city" (S.F.)

"We had a fantastic time at Isle Dream Cottage.  We loved the elfin path that brings you to the quaint cottage.  While sitting in front of the campire each night, we saw otters, seals, eagles, bald eagles, hummingbirds and too many starfish to count. . ."

Sunning Deck on Isle Dream Waterfront

""It is peacefully quiet tonight--no wind; water is like glass; a few birds are singing; the sun is going down and the, opposite side of the island is dressed in its glow. Tonight we sited a whale and this week brought a bald eagle (several sitings) and a baby deer that nibbled outside the cottage."

Note from Richard and Nanae (Owners):


Our Isle Dream Cottage, as the crow flies, 2 miles from Eastsound is convenient yet far from everyday life.  It is a relic of the past when life was simple and our conversations were about what we saw through our windows rather than on screen.


This is the cottage that started it all for us and we have a special place in our heart for this little cottage.  When we say little, we mean it.  Built just for two, the cottage is not meant for the claustrophobic or those looking for a 5-star experience in the conventional way.  We can say, with confidence, that if the pictures of this cottage intrigued you and you can relate to the words of previous guests whose comments are found below, you will have an unforgettable, and we think, a true 5-star experience.  


Isle Dream Cottage graced the 10th anniversary newstand edition COVER of Coastal Living Magazine in 2007.  We still have inquiries from guests who saved a clipping.  And, most guests agree that the cottage, its setting, the eagle swooping, the dear grazing, the birds singing, the trees whispering and the sunrise reflected on the mirror-like waters of East Sound is better than words or the best of our pictures could convey. 


*We cede the remainder of the page to our guests who have said it so much better than we could.

"Our walk down the elfin path to your gift to us all who enter the welcoming red door. . .  A dream come true in its privacy, serene beauty. Each day brought us new views and weather changes which we embraced."

Welcoming Red Door at Isle Dream
Views Looking Right from Isle Dream Deck

"What a magical place. The view is spectacular and so serene."

"We watched the play of clouds over Mt Constitution. We watched the current changes on East Sound. We watched lights being lit, twinking and extinguished all around Eastsound. We watched the crazy weather -- from snow to rain to sun and back again. We slept, cooked, ate, drank, loved and experienced.  We lived LIFE."

I've been to Orcas more times than I can remember.  Never in all my visits have I been so in love with my stay.  We found it difficult to get into town early due to our awe struck gazing at the endless waves, , , (day's adventures). . .We spent most of our time after tending our sore legs, spotting seals and glimpsing eagles from bed.  .  . 

"Shower built into a skylight. Turned off the lights and showered under the stars. Awesome!"

Isle Dream Shower for Two Built into Skylight

"the solitude and beauty brings rebirth to a stained soul. Shooting stars and starfish remind us to appreciate the things around us. Hope all the wishes I made come true."

Elfin Path Lights at Isle Dream

"The superlatives are endless – extraordinary! Romantic! Best place on earth! Ultimate peace and relaxation! Breathtaking beauty! More important though than the superlatives are the constant joy and serenity of this place sitting on the deck listening to the breeze through the trees. Waking at night to a crescent moon over the mountain, the gentle sound of water lapping on the shore. This is a place that leaves memories forever and will constantly draw us back"

A guest sent this picture with a HAIKU:

Shining in the dark 

The Elfin path becomes a

Fairy glow at night.

A beautiful cabin and perfect location.  The absolute QUIET was amazing.  Love coming "home" after exploring the island.

Amazing way to spend alone time with your lady.  We found this little cottage to be incredibly romantic, extending us out into nature while also keeping us warm and cozy.

We enjoyed viewing the stars through the shower skylight at night, and the beautiful "white" deer that vists every morning between 8:30-9:30."

"What an incredible place to start a new love.  If there is a God, he spoke to us yesterday. A cozy fire on the beach, a great bottle of wine and a majestic bald eagle soaring overhead. As if that wasn't enough a rainbow appeared in the sky and the resident seals come by to give a show."

Our Holiday stay was just what the doctor ordered.  Incredibly peaceful and relaxing.  We were able to truly unwind.. . . (1.5 pages of adventures). . .We had a lovely time and would love to Return.

Isle Dream Waterfront Tree with Hammock

"the cabin was absolutely perfect -- just enough of everything.

We spotted an otter, a bald-eagle and enjoyed daily visits from the local deer.  Hummingbirds came to the flowers frequently and we so enjoyed the firework from the deck.  Life is made of moments and these we will never forget."

Isle Dream -- Surprise Proposal on Board

From our Inn Keeper Kathleen:

"I have the most fun preparing the cottage for a special visit. Left, see how the cottage was prepared  for a surprise proposal. . . by the way, she said YES!

Of course, we always set the table to welcome our guests.  This cottage is truly sweet."

Isle Dream Small Dining Table Set for Guests
Trip Advisor Link to Isle Dream

Isle Dream Reviews

Because our Trip Advisor listing for All Dream Cottages where guests would review "their" Dream Cottage without specifying which caused much confusion, we recently added Trip Advisor pages for our individual cottages.  Sea Dream Cottage inherited the historic All Dream Reviews.  The others, including our charming Isle Dream Cottage is lagging behind in Review count.  


Please click on link and leave Isle Dream Cottage a Review.  We are hoping that many more will be added in the years to come.

This cottage was wonderful  We saw otters, hummingbirds, starfish, eagles, deer and so many birds. . . while on the property --magical!

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